Number 1 Son is a handyman company that provides trusted, high quality services at an affordable price. The word “trusted” refers to the reputation they have established throughout the community since 2012. As a result, Number 1 Son is referred to as the “go-to” senior home maintenance company by senior centers, senior agencies and many other senior organizations.

Custom Home Maintenance and Handyman Services

Number 1 Son supports projects of all sizes, ranging from a $5 budget to a $50,000 budget. Their main focus is to help seniors stay in their home as long as possible with quality senior home maintenance – whether that be changing lightbulbs and batteries to installing wheelchair ramps and roll-in showers. They do everything from installing grab bars in bathrooms to making an entire home senior accessible by widening doorways and hallways.

Their mission is to provide quality work at an affordable price, while guaranteeing their customer’s safety and satisfaction.

At Number 1 Son, they believe that aging at home improves the quality of life for seniors, which is why there were a perfect fit to become an Aging in America Contributor. They seek to stand out in the marketplace through a service-oriented mindset, going above and beyond the expectations of all of their customers.

Specialized Senior Services

To learn a bit more about Number 1 Son, we met up with Mark Koeing, the founder of the company, to ask him a few questions.

Sunlight Support: How is your business different than others in the same industry?

Mark: Other handyman companies offer discounts to their regular services for seniors, but they don’t really focus on the senior market. We focus on the relationship with our customers. We don’t just want to get in and out of each project. We make sure our guys remember the repairs that we’ve done and that way we can always make sure our seniors are being taken care of. We want to be a part of the family for them whenever they may need anything!

Sunlight Support: What is a little known fact about Number 1 Son?

Mark: We work closely with Alzheimer patients to make their homes safer. We go in and install attachments to stoves and appliances so that they don’t accidentally leave something turned on, and install additional tools to keep them safer. There are knob attachments that require a little more dexterity to turn things on, that way you don’t have to worry as much about your loved one turning on the stove and then forgetting about it. We offer a whole range of products to modify a house for Alzheimer patients to make life easier.

Sunlight Support: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Mark: When we get a call from a senior saying that they just had a friend or family member to the house and they were extremely satisfied with the modifications. Really, when we get happy calls like that, I know that we are doing something right. That, and when we get a fresh batch of cookies sent to us, that’s pretty great too.

Focusing on quality customer relationships

If you have any questions about senior home maintenance or the different products and service that Number 1 Son offers, call them at (719)203-6603 or visit their main office location:

2374 Shady Aspen, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

You can also call their Pueblo location at (719) 582-8321 or their Denver location at (720) 722-0832.

Learn more online:

Number 1 Son is accredited and endorsed by The Better Business Bureau Certified Age Friendly Business and the Senior Resource Council.

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