Pathways to Compassion Hospice in Lincoln, Nebraska focuses on quality of life, rather than length of life, and are committed to enabling patients to remain in the comfort and privacy of their own homes with there loved ones. Because of this belief, Pathways to Compassion Hospice has partnered with Sunlight Support as an Aging in Place Ambassador.

“We believe that everyone has a personal right to choose where they want to live at the end of life,” said Sarah Baltensperger, program director. “This may include their home, an assisted living, a skilled nursing facility, or a family member’s home to name a few.  The important piece to Aging in Place is that the appropriate caregiving and safety measures are put in place for this to be successful for the individual.  Birth is such a beautiful event, and we hope that aging and the final step in the journey for each and every one of us can be just as beautiful.”

Working hand-in-hand

When an individual’s health begins to decline, and their condition becomes terminal (deemed by a physician to live six months or less), Pathways to Compassion Hospice representatives will meet with the family to educate them on their services.  Sunlight Support can provide the services that allow family members to serve as a family member; Pathways to Compassion Hospice can come in from the medical perspective to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support as they travel on their journey to the end.  The two services combined provide a supportive and caring environment for family members and their loved ones.

“We wanted to be ambassadors for Sunlight Support because of their passion and wide range of services they offer to their clients,” Baltensperger said. “They are an excellent partner, and understand when it’s time to introduce additional services, such as hospice.”

Baltensperger also appreciates Sunlight Supports innovative approach to educating the healthcare community through podcasts and videos.

“Sunlight Support uses these channels to reach groups of consumers the healthcare community may not otherwise,” she said. “It allows individuals to be educated on topics they might not have sought out until later on.”

A mission of peacefulness

Pathways to Compassion Hospice provides hospice care for terminally ill patients with a wide range of illnesses including cancer, advanced cardiac disorders, advance pulmonary disorders, advanced neurological disorders, multiple sclerosis and any end stage disease. Care is provided by a team of professionals and volunteers. Under the direction of the patient’s physician, and its onsite medical directors, the Pathway Hospice team follows a personalized plan of physical, emotional and spiritual care.  The plan is continually reviewed and adapted to meet the patient’s changing needs.

“Our mission is to affirm life during its final stages by providing holistic compassionate care to patients and their families,” Baltensperger said. “We provide access to hospice care for underserved or difficult to serve populations by wisely and efficiently using our available resources and educating the community.”

Aging in Place Ambassadors are committed to the education, promotion and facilitation of local senior health and wellness providers that share in the common goal of providing graceful, dignified and complete aging in place solutions. Ambassadors believe that it is a privilege to honor and serve the wishes of our seniors and will work diligently together with peer business to fulfill our mission.