Sunlight Support is making a difference by participating in the Living Legacy Project. The project’s mission is to record, preserve and share the legacy stories of the 20th century, arguably the greatest body of wisdom in history, before it is lost forever.

It has been said that every time a person dies, they take a library of valuable life lessons and experiences with them. To help save this valuable wisdom, we are playing it role in the Living Legacy Project, a movement to empower families with an engaging way to record, archive and share their legacy stories, or those of a loved one, for the benefit of future generations.

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What is Legacy Stories?

The “Legacy Stories Program” is delivered in weekly emails and includes step-by step mini-tutorials for using the award-winning IOS and Android app to record stories and upload them to the living history library. Also included are story prompts, interview methods, recording techniques and legacy-building strategies.

It is a free living history library that provides life story learning, recording, archiving and sharing to families, professionals and groups.

Capture grandma’s stories through your smart phone!

This intuitive technology offers a variety of options to compose and record legacy stories including multi-media story pages, oral history slideshows and the ability to record powerful Pict-Oral Memories through the Apple and Android mobile app.

Members can also link stories to over five billion ancestor records in the official family tree of humankind. We’ll show you how to discover your highest priority “legacy stories” and tell them in ways that will fascinate loved ones generations to come.

What does the “Legacy Stories” service include?

  • approximately 500 recorded Pict-Oral Memories
  • approximately 10,000 legacy photos (Who has that many “legacy-worthy” photos?)
  • unlimited slideshows to organize legacy photos
  • unlimited multimedia story pages
  • unlimited journals to organize story pages
  • unlimited groups to create or join
  • five levels of privacy
  • HTTPS encrypted security
  • separated family and friends networks to share content
  • link stories and recordings to FamilySearch, the official family tree of humankind with over 12 billion ancestor records
  • video help throughout
  • story prompts to help trigger memories for legacy stories
  • legacy stories public library for inspiration, research and connecting

The Legacy Stories Program was developed by a team of experts in multiple disciplines such as genealogy, estate planning, senior care, personal historians, etc. Research was conducted over a decade and included training over 5,000 hospice volunteers to record life reviews of patients.

“The challenge of recording life stories when time is of the essence, has helped us develop the Legacy Stories Program” says Co-founder, Dennis Stack. “We found that reminiscing with family photos makes it easy to recall important life events, since most of our defining moments and special memories have been captured in photographs.”

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*Note this will direct you to the Legacy Stories website. Click on the blue “create free account” button.