Serving the Louisville, CO area, Chinook Health Pharmacy strives to provide the best customer service and equip patients with the knowledge and services they seek.

A Family Pharmacy That Fills More Than Prescriptions

Chinook Health Pharmacy is a small family run business started by Tyler Hodge with one mission in mind: lowering healthcare costs for all individuals. Soon, that morphed into serving the senior community in the area. Seniors tend to be their most frequent customers and they want to make sure everyone is served with truthfulness and respect.

Chinook’s strive for excellence doesn’t stop with their senior patients, as they also specialize in helping those who care for them. Caregivers are often tasked with picking up prescriptions for their clients; some days this is an easy mundane task, and others it can be a treacherous adventure.

Chinook Health Pharmacy works with caregivers and seniors alike to make the task of getting medication an easier process for all. Their focus on seniors and caregivers is why Chinook Health Pharmacy is our next Sunlight Support Aging in Place Contributor.

Delivering More Than Just Great Service

Sunlight Support: Tell us a little about who you are and how you got started.

CHP: We started out as a diabetic supply store for patients to get supplies and consultations. Founder Tyson Hodge noticed that many of our customers were seniors who were being underserved by other pharmacies, so he decided to expand into a full-service pharmacy. We now serve everybody from walk-in patients who need over-the-counter medications to home-health patients who need their medications delivered each week.

Sunlight Support: What makes you different from other pharmacies?

CHP: Something that sets us apart from other pharmacies is that we supply durable medical equipment to our patients. This really allows us to be a full-service resource to our patients. If they need crutches, a cane, oxygen supplies or any major medical tool, we can provide it.

We also provide medication therapy management. Essentially, this means we sit down with the patient and go over the medications they are taking and we adjust dosages to make sure they aren’t doubling up on multiple prescriptions.

What’s really cool is that we are still a small family-owned pharmacy and we really focus on creating lasting relationships with all of our patients. We want to serve our patients and make sure their medical needs are met, but we also want to be a resource to them should they need help outside of the medical field.

One of the most unique things we do is go into retirement communities and host painting events with the patients. I am an artist and love to share creative expression with people, and it’s a great way to get seniors to lighten up and create a piece for their living space.

Family Pharmacy Just Around the Corner

Sunlight Support: Where can people find you?

CHP: We have our website,, and we are on Facebook and Twitter.

We also send brochures to local senior communities and medical plazas, print ads in senior newsletters, and you’ll see our team out in the community a lot.

If you want to learn more, email or call 720.458.4887. You are also welcome to stop by the pharmacy at 325 W South Boulder Rd #5, Louisville, CO 80027.


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