Caregiver Spotlights were designed to reward Sunlight Support caregivers for their outstanding dedication to their clients and for continuously providing care that goes above and beyond the call of duty. We greatly appreciate the hard work and service that each and every Sunlight Support caregiver provides to our valued clients. The Caregiver Spotlights recognize those employees who consistently demonstrate exceptional care, reliability, a willingness to learn and display strength, when needed, in difficult situations.

Fall 2016

Margaret Acton
Margaret ActonColorado
Margaret has worked in the caregiving business for over fourteen years. She is hard working, caring and passionate about providing a better quality of life for others. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her three amazing children.

“Working for Sunlight Support is very different from any other company I have worked for. They genuinely care about their clients as well as their employees. There is an open line of communication and they always find a way to accommodate needs of myself and my clients. At times the job is hard, but it is always rewarding.”

Summer 2016

Charlene Slay
Charlene SlayNebraska
Charlene is a very hard working and caring individual who builds meaningful relationships with the people she works with. “Everyone that I talk to is always very nice. I love working for my client. She is a very sweet, caring and loving little lady. Coming to work and talking with her is always the highlight of my day. I want to thank Sunlight Support for hiring me, otherwise her and I would have never met!”

Spring 2016

Latasha O'Neel
Latasha O'NeelNebraska
LaTasha is always ready to go the extra mile, is very reliable, and has a remarkable ability to connect with elders. When asked why she works for Sunlight Support, LaTasha replied, “I enjoy being a caregiver because I get a chance to make a difference in someone’s life.” Thank you Tasha for your dedication, commitment, and love for our families.
Tyler Davis
Tyler DavisColorado
Tyler has been with Sunlight Support since May of 2015. He has proven to be very dependable and always willing to go above and beyond. When asked why he enjoys working for Sunlight Support, Tyler responded, “I enjoy having a job where my work has such an immediate effect on a clients happiness and well-being.” Thanks Tyler for all that you do!